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Windmillkey X Fruitleather

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Towards a special collaboration.
From discarded fruit to a unique gift.

Fruitleather Rotterdam and Windmillkey work together to be able to offer fruitleather as a unique gift for yourself, family or friends. 

* ONLY NOW 20% OFF *

1. Fruit leather from discarded fruit

Fruitleather Rotterdam is one of the first producers of fruit leather. They turn discarded mangos into a high-quality alternative to leather.

2. Transformed into a wonderfull gift

The Windmillkey is a stylish and practical key holder that serves as the perfect gift. No more clattering keys and engrave your personal message in the leather. A nice gift for him or her.

* NOW ONLY 20% OFF *

First responses


I have the honor to receive one of the first Windmillkeys x Fruitleather and was surprised at the quality!


In addition to being made from fruit leather, it also remains a practically stylish accessory. Recommended!


Great to be able to show off such a product every day!


A pre-order means that you pay for the product in advance, and receive it later. The pre-order offers us the opportunity to start producing on a large scale in one go so that we can successfully launch the Windmillkey X Fruitleather Rotterdam.

The Windmillkey X Fruitleather will be delivered early november 2019. We are now busy with the final tests and are therefore able to deliver the highest possible quality.

When we are almost ready to send your pre-order, you will receive an email from us. In this mail you will find the color options that are available. In the mail you can indicate your choice preference. This color is then sent to you. Photos on this page give an indication of the colors that you can expect.

The fruit leather consists of discarded mangos. Fruit leather is therefore not a substitute for leather but an alternative material to leather. In addition to the fruit leather, a small layer of cork is added to maintain stiffness over time. By making a pre-order you contribute to the first small steps towards a more environmentally friendly (leather) world and less food waste.

There can be around 2 – 8 keys on the product. This is entirely dependent on the thickness of your keys. Sometimes a choice must be made as to which keys you do and which keys you do not use for your key holder. One sees this as a disadvantage, the other as an advantage because you become aware that you often do not use a key at all.

All our products are carefully made with precision and with care. If there is a technical error in your product, and the cause is clearly with us, then you are eligible for a new Windmillkey.

Is your question not listed? Feel free to mail us via info@windmillkey.com

From discarded fruit to a unique product
Pre-order with a temporary 20% discount.